Toulouse, the pink city

Toulouse really lives up to its name of la Ville Rose. The pink colour of the bricks of its houses and other buildings gives the city an unmistakable charm.

Toulouse is known for its unique atmosphere. Discover its historical centre with prestigious renaissance houses from the 16th century.


The Place du Capitole de Toulouse is the heart of the city. This lively square is surrounded by beautiful buildings like the Capitole, a building from the 16th century housing the city hall and the Théatre du Capitole opera house. In the old Donjon du Capitole tower at the back, also dating from the 16th century, you will now find the Office de Tourisme.


And let us not forget the magnificent churches of the old town: Toulouse Cathedral - the Saint-Sernin Basilica and its octagonal bell tower, a masterpiece of roman architecture - the Church of the Jacobins, housing the relics of Thomas Aquinas.


Walk down the Henri Martin Promenade along the Garonne river and explore the Quartier Daurade to enjoy this part of the city.


In the lively streets of the historical centre you will find a choice of cafés and shops. Relax and spend some time shopping or having a drink at one of the outside terraces. With its many restaurants, theatres, bars, pubs and nightclubs Toulouse is the place to be for both party lovers and culture lovers. And when evening falls, do not miss Toulouse 'by night', when the monuments of the old town are beautifully lit.


Toulouse also focuses on future and innovation with its Aerospace Centre for research and development relating to space travel. Book an excursion to the Airbus factories and see with your own eyes how an aeroplane is built.