The cave of Mas d'Azil

Driving through a huge cave, in your own car?

The Cave of Mas d’Azil, in the heart of Le Plantaurel Massif, is an enormous drive-through cave, which is absolutely unique because it is the only cave in Europe of this kind. The Arize river runs right through it. Part of the cave is indeed an impressive, natural tunnel with a road running through it and the entrance consists of an immense porch 51 metres high and 48 metres wide! This famous natural site, a former refuge for both animals and humans, is known for its remains from the Magdalenian period and gave its name to the Azilian, a prehistoric culture from the Epipaleolithic in Southern France.


You can also book a guided tour here, which will take you to the deepest parts of the cave. You will get to know about stagmites and stalagtites, prehistoric times and the history of this mystical site.

And if you want to know more after this natural phenomenon, pay a visit to the Prehistoric museum in the village of Mas d'Azil nearby. It will give you an even better idea of the history of this unique place.


When the weather is fine, you can have something to eat or drink at a little restaurant on the bank of the river with a view of the majestic entrance of the enormous cave. You will find several other bars and restaurants in the village itself.