Holidays for seniors

In the early and late season Château Cazalères is perfect for a senior holiday in France, whether you are thinking of a peaceful or an active holiday. Château Cazalères is a small-scale holiday park situated in the Ariège in the south-west of France. Home from home, staying at a comfortable villa, in a rural area with lots of natural beauty and things to see and above all silence and tranquility. Enjoying the serenity of the Ariège, the ‘Tuscany of France’ as well as the friendly atmosphere among owners and guests. So don’t hesitate, if you like spending your holidays with other seniors in a mild and sunny climate.


We offer you an entirely optional and varied activity programme, ranging from a bowls (pétanque) competition to an evening playing cards at the Château or a walking tour through the beautiful surroundings of the holiday park.


The programme is made by a number of active home owners living on the park (semi-) permanently, in consultation with the participants. On Tuesday mornings there is always a group walk, on Wednesday afternoons a bowls (pétanque) competition and on Fridays a tennis competition. Other socializing moments are at the swimming pool or the billiards table. Quite a busy schedule if you want to take part in everything, but still enough freedom to explore the area yourself. How about visiting Toulouse, Carcassonne, Lourdes or even Andorra? All absolutely worth a visit!